How to access server with remote desktop

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On this good opportunity we will give a tutorial on how to remotely remotely remotely process your pc / server. This method is very efficient to do because you can remodel your pc / server anywhere and anytime so it will not make you burdened at all.

When buying or creating a server. Of course the initial server settings can not be remotely, meaning that the initial settings have not changed, so you have to change these initial settings so that your server can be remotely remotely.

We give this tutorial because of the many obstacles that many people experience, why can’t my server be remote, why can’t the vps I bought from the seller enter and my attempts to access vps / rdp always fail?

Actually this is a very important thing to pay attention to, especially for those of you who sell or build servers. You have to turn off this setting so that many people can use it. Also so that buyers are comfortable enjoying your product.

Please follow the steps below to turn on remote desktop settings for normal access.

  1. Please refer to the Windows menu
  2. Then you select the server manager menu
  3. Then after that you select the local server
  4. Then you select the remote desktop menu
  5.  Select the Allow remote connection this computer menu
  6. Trim the last click OK.
  7.  Done

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Then you can access your server remotely, you can try it yourself. Or the server that you have will be sold to someone else, so after this setting is finished someone else can access the server.

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