How to make documents from images easily

Documents are important files that we often need both formally and informally. For example when you apply for a job and have to bring complete documents. Very impractical and requires a lot of space. Therefore the virtual document archive is very helpful in this regard.

Not just a matter of job applications. Even when doing business you definitely need documents that describe your business. Are you going to bring all the files so much? Certainly not. It would be more practical if all our documents are stored on our cellphone. Documents will be safe and efficient to carry anywhere.

Good inspiring friend, related to the above. This inspiring opportunity will provide a tutorial on how to create documents from images / photos easily and simply. We give this tutorial because we realize that everyone does not like the hassle, everyone will need efficient and practical to help work.

To make a photo into a document is very easy and simple, anyone can do it. We just need to download an application from Play Store / App Store for free. Next you can start trying how to make a document from foro / image into a document / pdf.

Immediately, we practice together:

  • The most important thing first is that you have to download the application, the application meant here is the Cam scanner. So please download the application.
  •  Next, please enter by filling in your individual data
  • To create a document from image. You just have to choose
  • Please select the object to be used as an image, or you can use documents from your own storage.
  • After that, please click on the menu in the bottom corner
  • Select import at the top corner
  • You here can set the length of the document you want to compress into a pdf document, after finishing, please select the next menu / next
  • Wait for the process to finish and the final step is to save your document.
  • Done.

Very easy isn’t it, that’s a tutorial on how to convert photo documents to pdf, this tutorial is very helpful for those of you who don’t want to be overwhelmed by the number of documents that accumulate. You do not have to carry documents everywhere. All you have to do is save all the documents to the phone with the help of the camscanner application.

Ok, inspiring friends, that’s today’s tutorial from Inspirational, don’t forget to comment on building this inspiring site for the better. I’ll see you next time.

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